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Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Landon!

A couple of weeks ago was my little boy Landon's 2nd birthday!  How fast another year goes by!  On the eve of Landon's birthday as I blew up balloons and wrapped gifts, I started to feel emotional...just like I did on the eve of his first birthday.  Emotional because in a blink of an eye another year goes by and I get closer to my kids graduating from high school and leaving me!  Okay, that may be a bit dramatic, but it's true, and I just want to make sure I cherish each moment with them while they are still young.

Looking back to a year ago, it was after having these emotions on Landon's first birthday that I finally made the decision to leave my day job that I had been at for eight and a half years in order to stay home with my kids.  I knew that it would be a lifestyle change, and not an easy one, but I also knew that I would never regret any decision that allowed me to spend more time with my kids at this age.  So far it's been amazing, and I really feel like I've gotten to know my son so well in these past 9 months that I've been home.

Two years ago, this little man entered my life, and he brings so much joy and happiness every single day.

At 23 months old, I'm sure Shaylin had a lot of mixed emotions about our new addition when she first saw him...

...but it didn't take long for her to realize that her best friend had just been born, and soon she couldn't get enough of him!

I'm one of those photography obsessed moms so I was very excited to get some professional newborn shots of our little guy.  He showed personality right from the start and pretty much refused to sleep at all during this photo shoot.  He just wanted to be awake and involved in the action.

In fact, our photographer offered a reshoot to get some pictures where he actually slept!  
(newborn pics photo credit: Rachel Higgins Photography)

Here's a shot from his first birthday shoot that I did in our backyard.

And this year's shoot for his second birthday.

Both birthday shoots that I did for Landon required daddy and sister behind me doing crazy things to make the little guy smile.  :)

At two years old, here are some of Landon's favorite things:
- Thomas the Train.  He plays with his trains all the time, and loves to say choo choo!
- Animals.  He loves to make animals sounds and loves any animal in person.
- His Blankie.  He has a few favorite Carters blankets that are his comfort pieces.
- Rocks and Sticks.  This kid always has a rock or a stick in his hand when outside.
- His Sister.  Anything Shaylin does, Landon wants to do too.

My kid's birthdays are special to me and more than anything I just want them to feel extra loved on their special day.  Because there are two of them now, and one more on the way, hubby and I decided that it's unnecessary to have birthday parties for each of our kids every year.  Family time is the most important thing to all of us, so I'm happy that my husband is the type of dad that wants to take his kids' birthdays off to spend it together with them as a family.  

Since Landon had a big party last year, for this birthday, the four of us went to Sea World!  Our kids LOVE animals so we knew this would be a hit.  I didn't get many pics, but here are just a few from my phone.  

Here's us at the start of our day.  Landon hasn't quite mastered the smile for a selfie concept just yet.

Watching the whales was definitely a highlight for all of us, especially every time the baby whale swam by with its mommy!  We were all pretty mesmerized.

The Blue Horizons show was fun, but I don't know if Landon even saw any of it because he was too busy stuffing his face with icee and popcorn!

I just love this boy so much!

You know it was a successful day when it ends with both kids completely passed out in the car.

Happy birthday sweet boy!  We love you to the moon and back!


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