Crazy 8


Welcome friends!  Thank you so much for dropping by!  I'm Carly, the one you'll find rambling here on One Whimsy Lane.  :)

After getting my B.A in Communications and M.B.A in Marketing, I did the office life for many years before finally switching gears to the stay-at-home mom life when my middle child, Landon was one.  Life is crazy and life is busy, but it's always full of love.
This is me:  Crazy for home decorating, addicted to online shopping, oddly obsessed with diaper bags and purses, and in love with FAB photography. Insane multi-tasker. Call me OCD, but organizing is a passion.  Early bird intentions, with night owl tendencies.  Pure bliss comes in the form of hugs from my sweet kids & hubby....and also in cheesecake. White chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake.  

You'll most often see me blogging about Mom Life.  Cause let's be honest, my kids take up most of my time. ;)  But I really do have a passion for sharing the products I love, the experiences I've had with the kids, activities we do, and everything in between.

Thanks for visiting!  Looking forward to sharing some fun stuff with you all!


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