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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Newborn Photography

I don't think it's a secret that I'm pretty obsessed with photography.  After Shaylin was born I bought a starter DSLR and took a class on how to shoot in manual.  I haven't been able to upgrade my camera yet, but it still works well enough for my various photography projects including real estate shots for our real estate business, food and DIY projects for this blog, holiday photoshoots for my kids, etc.  But there is one occasion where I will hire a photographer - for newborn shots.  

For anyone that hasn't experienced a newborn session, let me tell you...they're a lot of work.  I give newborn photographers a lot of credit because it takes a LOT of patience to conduct them.  A typical newborn session lasts between 2-4 hours because babies at that age (<10 days old) need time to nurse, and ideally you want your baby to be in a deep sleep to allow for easier posing.  Because many of the shots are done with the baby naked, the studios run heaters to keep the baby warm.  So while it's comfortable for the baby, that also means it's extremely hot for an adult.  

I'd say that all 3 of my kids were difficult clients.  Shaylin cried a lot, and her shoot took around 4.5 hours.  Landon was a very alert little guy and would not fall asleep during his shoot  In fact, our photographer offered to have me bring him back the next day to try again, which I took her up on.  And Aubri with her strong moro reflex woke up a LOT right when we posed her.  Her headbands kept moving position every time she woke up so there pictures where I wished the headband had been a little more to the side but with the amount she woke up and moved it, I'm happy we were able to get any shots at all!  

Here are a few of Aubri's photoshoot.  She was 8 days old.  Photos courtesy of Kristen Marie Imagery.  

And because I love reminiscing about when my babies were are some photos from Landon's newborn photo shoot in 2013.  Photos courtesy of Rachel Higgins Photography.  

And a few from Shaylin's newborn photoshoot in 2011.  Photos courtesy of Captured With Care Photography.

I ALMOST didn't schedule a newborn photoshoot for Aubri because I was so busy tending to my 2 older kids during this pregnancy that photos weren't on my radar.  But I'm so glad I got them done because babies are only this young once and I know I would have regretted it if Aubri were the only child not to have newborn shots.  Looking back at all these newborn pictures make me realize just how fast our babies grow up! 


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