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Friday, August 19, 2016

DIY: Baby's 12 Month Photo Garland

Hi friends, boy it's been awhile!  I'm sorry for taking the summer off, but someone had to keep the kiddos busy and entertained!  Between daily swim lessons for a MONTH (phew!) VBS, planning for a 1st birthday party, family visits, and an out of town high school reunion, the summer has just flown by.

After all this summer chaos, and during the transition back to school, I realized that it's officially been one month since I decorated my house for Aubri's 1st birthday party, and most of the decorations were still up!  Yes, it's time to finally take these babies down.  But before I do, I thought I'd share how I made my 12 month birthday photo garland for the mantle because it was such a simple project, and I love how it took me down memory lane.

First of all, let me just say that I can't believe my baby girl is ONE.  How did that happen so fast?
A quick digression...Here's my "Pinterest Fail" birthday photo of Aubri.   It was a fail because of many things.

1. It was a windy day so the balloons kept blowing to the ground
2. Our only free time was at the wrong time of day for photos so the open space I wanted to shoot at was just too hot and sunny and I didn't have a plan B
 3. Aubri tipped out of the basket (bad mom!)
4. The letter O kept falling

 Haha oh well!  It's memories right?  :)  But anyway, back to the photo garland...

On the same day every month since Aubri was born, I took a photo of her in the same chair with the same stuffed animal.  When she turned one and after I took her 12 month photo, I printed out all 12 photos and decided to use them as decorations for her birthday party.  This was such an easy decor project, and fun to make.  Here's what I used:
- 12 monthly photos
- gold ribbon (with wire, which was a welcome surprise)
- gold number stickers
- hole puncher
- tape

At the top of each photo, I punched 2 holes, one on each end.  Then I strung the gold ribbon through, making sure to keep it flat.
Once the photos were strung, I flipped the garland over, and taped the ribbon to the back of each photo so that the ribbon wouldn;t move, and so spacing between photos stayed even.
When I was through stringing and taping all 12 photos, I labeled each photo with the appropriate number month using gold stickers.
I hung it up on the mantle with some tape, and covered the ends with gold stars.  When I bought the gold ribbon, I didn't realize it was lightly wired.  This was a nice surprise because I was able to wrap the ends of the ribbon around my finger for a fun curly finish!
Now it's time for these decorations to come down and start getting ready to decorate for FALL!


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