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Monday, October 17, 2016

Visit: Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Patch

Fall activities are in full swing this month!  Every year our family visits the Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Patch in October.  It's a fun tradition, and I love getting some pictures of the kids with pumpkins.  We don't usually buy pumpkins, but we take pictures by them, haha.

This year as soon as we arrived, we immediately got on the hayride before the crowds came, and we had it almost all to ourselves.  Then we had the kids lead us through the corn maze.  I didn't bring my camera along for these activities, but got a few iPhone pics along the way.
 Afterwards, we sat down to eat, then went to check out the animals.
Sometimes the protective older brother comes out in Landon, and it's so cute.  He wanted to keep Aubri back from the fence when she wanted to go too close to the goats.  Usually he's quite rough and tumble with her so it's nice to know that deep down he does want to protect her...even though he spends most days head butting her and taking her toys.
Shaylin enjoyed standing on the hay bales.  ;)
Picking out a pumpkin is serious business, just ask Landon.  It's serious, even if you're not actually taking said pumpkin home.  Thank goodness he didn't throw a tantrum when he found out!
Aubri had fun wandering through the thousands of pumpkins as well.  
At the end of the visit we sat the kids down for some pictures.  I should know by now that you should never wait till the end to get photos.  It's a lot to expect out of little kids.  But they did alright.  It was SO HOT AND SUNNY that afternoon, it was hard to find a good shady spot for pictures.  So we just plopped them down on the nearest pumpkin and had daddy make crazy sounds to get them to look and smile.  Good enough for me!
There's so much that I didn't get photos of.  Bates also features bounce houses/slides, pony rides, face painting, rock climbing, live entertainment, food vendors, a huge candy/nut/gifts store, and so much more.  It's great family fun!

Bates Nut Farm's Pumpkin Patch runs through the end of October.  Go check it out!


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