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Friday, January 13, 2017

A Rainbow of Hunter Boots

Here in San Diego we've actually had a pretty rainy winter season.  I think I've worn my Hunter boots more in the past few weeks than I have all of last year!  They are fantastic when trying to navigate around puddles.  Don't get me wrong, on those rainy days I'd much prefer to be indoors, but school and activities don't stop just because water is falling from the sky. So if  I have to be out and about, at least my feet will be dry!

When I got my Hunters, they were on special so the only color they had in my size was gray.  Luckily  though, I love gray!  These boots also come in a variety of so many super fun colors if you're daring like that.  I'd love to add an additional color to my boots collection, but for now, I will just admire them from afar.  :)  I've collected a rainbow of boots photos to brighten up this dreary Friday.  Enjoy!
This photo makes me want to #buyallthethings!  Gingham umbrella, LV and big plaid scarf.  Oh, and red hunters of course!
Orange is a bit more unexpected for footwear, but I think this color is an awesome choice, especially for fall.  
I mean seriously, is she not the cutest ever?!?!  I've decided that all little girls need yellow boots!
Gotta love a good mommy and me twinning photo!
Probably not the most practical of outfits when it's raining, but the unexpected is what makes it cute.  Loving the chartreuse with the turquoise cause we all know my obsession with turquoise! 
I super love this plum color boot paired with black and gray.
Ooh, a girly pop of pink amongst all the black.

Alessandra Ambrosio makes casual look stylish.
And one more of the gray cause I just can't help but like it with the trench coat.
Black and gray is always a hit in my book!  Love that this pic shows that you don't just need these boots for rainy days, but for adventuring as well.

Hope you're having nice weather wherever you are.  But if not, put on a pair of Hunters and your day will be instantly better!  Have a fun weekend!



  1. Love the different colors! I was looking into buying a pair with the Crocs line of rainboots. I'm obsessed with these Hunter boots now that I've read them on your blog. :) I must have them for my trips. I only wish they had more interesting colors for their men's line!

  2. I love the simplicity in design and color choices! I was looking into the Crocs line of rainboots awhile back, but they sadly discontinued the men's line. :/ I am now obsessed with this Hunter brand thanks to you. I must have a pair to take with me on our trips!