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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Target Dollar Spot

Is it just me or is the Target Dollar Spot just the gift that keeps on giving?  It always has its staples like sticker books, pens and other cheap entertainment for your kids, everything is under $5, and it's stocked for every holiday.  Seriously folks, I am a regular Target shopper and with each visit it is hard not to browse "just for a second" through the bins to see what's new.  

It's genius really...the bins are strategically placed right where you enter so you have to pass by them, you don't feel guilty dropping items into your cart cause they're just so darn cute for cheap, plus your cart is empty when you start browsing anyway so no damage appears to be done yet.  

I have to admit, picking out a few pretty things and having them stare up at you from the cart seat do in a way help to get through the mundane task of picking up shampoo, coffee filters and tissue.  At least there will be something fun to play with when you get home, haha!  

My only complaint is that I wish things in this section were still just a dollar.  These days most of the items that I look at end up being $3-$5 and sometimes I do put them back on the shelf.  But overall, it's still a fun experience and I'm always looking forward to what I will find there next!

Hope your week is going well!


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