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Monday, October 8, 2018

Cleaning with Grove Collaborative

Happy fall season everyone!  It seriously amazes me at how fast the seasons fly by.  One of my favorite things about fall would be all the cozy fall scents, but those scents don't only have to come in the form of a candle.  How about cleaning products?!  Let me rewind just a little bit.  

Being a mom of three kids means that I'm cleaning a LOT, every single day.  One day a while back, my hubby asked me to look into some all natural cleaning products for all the surfaces where the kids eat.  I was so thrown off!  For some reason I had never thought of that, I just used antibacterial cleaners everywhere thinking that I was killing all the germs but I didn't even think about the fact that those cleaning products might not be the best if the kids dropped food on it then ate it.  

I ended up trying out Method and Mrs. Meyers products that I found at my local Target because I saw that they were non-toxic, and have just continued to buy them ever since without really giving it much thought.  Fast forward many months later and I was perusing YouTube and found a whole community of mamas with cleaning videos and all of a sudden, I was hooked.  I became obsessed with cleaning!  I know that probably sounds incredibly weird to want to watch people clean their house.  But there was something motivating about watching these moms turn their house into a spotless masterpiece...even with kids.  And they were using the same products that I was using!  
The YouTube mamas though, had the same products but in much more interesting scents, which was intriguing to me.  You mean there are more than just lemon scents?!  I found out that a lot of these new and unique scents were offered through Grove Collaborative, which is a subscription service for all natural products.

From the Grove website:
"Every product we sell is backed by the Grove standard, which means that it's healthy, effective, eco-friendly, and affordable.  You can shop with confidence knowing everything you buy from us is good for you, your family, your home, and the planet."

Sounds fantastic to me!  I thought I'd give it a shot since I was buying these products at Target anyway, plus there was the incentive of a free gift.  Who doesn't love a free gift?!  Last month I signed up and scored 5 free products with a $20 purchase.  I was so excited.  Yes, excited to clean, lol!

I got the following products for free:
Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap
Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap
Mrs. Meyers Multisurface Cleaner
Walnut + Cellulose Scrubber Sponges
Glass Spray Bottle with Silicone Sleeve
To get this awesome free gift, I had to make a $20 purchase, which wasn't hard at all.  I bought the Method Daily Wood Cleaner that I use on our dining table because it was already a staple in our house.  My kids are not the cleanest eaters, and our table looks like a disaster after every meal.  This cleaner is safe to use on your wood tables daily, and I certainly do that.  
I also bought the Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner in the limited edition fall scent MUM.  I am in love with this one!  What I love about the Mrs. Meyers products is that after you clean, the scent lingers kind of like a candle would, and the whole room just smells great.  
I didn't get a picture of these next two items, but I also bought the Grove Collaborative Stoneware Tray as a place to store my products in the kitchen.  
Photo credit: Grove Collaborative
And rounding out the $20 was the Method Heavy Duty Degreaser that I hadn't tried before, but planned to use around my stove area.  
For the free Mrs. Meyers products that I mentioned in the beginning, I decided to try the fall limited edition scent, Apple Cider.  I love the spicy scent of this and it really makes my house smell like fall!
If you happen to be buying these products anyway, or if you're interested in switching over to natural cleaners that happen to work well and smell AMAZING, I suggest signing up with Grove Collaborative.  You'll get a free Mrs. Meyers cleaning set when you sign up and make a $20 purchase and that alone is fun and worth it!  SIGN UP HERE , and let me know what you get and which scent is your favorite!  The next one I want to try is Geranium.  :)  Let me tell you, cleaning is so much more fun when you have these fun scents that make your house smell SO good.  Anything to make cleaning less boring is a win in my book.  Plus, these are safe for you AND the environment!

Happy cleaning!


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