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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Visit: El Jardin Cantina

As a busy mom of three, eating out is often rushed, and usually consists of staples like cheeseburgers, hot dogs or pizza slices.  Because of that, going out to a restaurant NOT of my kids' choosing is always a welcome change!  Recently, a couple of lovely mom bloggers and I had the opportunity to enjoy a fun Sunday brunch together as part of the San Diego Mommy Bloggers Tribe. We were so generously hosted by the beautiful and welcoming El Jardin Cantina in San Diego's Liberty Station in Point Loma.  I noticed right away that this location is an Instagrammer's dream spot with photo opps left and right!  
Quick fact, Point Loma is an area of San Diego that I called home ten years ago, and Liberty Station is also the spot where I got married.  Now that I live in the suburbs, I rarely make it back down there, so when I arrived, I was so intrigued at what the new "Arts District" of Liberty Station had become - a hip art scene with cool vibe eateries in which El Jardin Cantina fit right in. With its colorful and festive decor visible from the street, the restaurant immediately caught my eye.  
We spent time first in awe of the decor, then in awe of the menu.  So hard to choose!  I decided on the staff's recommendation of the Tostadas de Tinga.  And it did not disappoint!  
I've eaten tostadas before, but there was something about the mix of flavors that really made this a winner.  Definitely a thumbs up from me!  
And hey...see angel wings, must take picture, right?  :)  The whole experience was an A+ from me.  Great food, friendly staff, and a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  It's the perfect little eatery!  I have already recommended this place to some friends, and would love to visit again next time I'm in the area.  Thank you to El Jardin Cantina for hosting us for brunch.  Looking forward to coming back again soon!


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