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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pink and Gold Inspiration

Being that I have a young daughter that is deep in her princess phase, you would think that I would be completely over seeing the color pink.  And to a certain extent, that may be true.  However, pink doesn't have to be all bubble gum and cotton candy, the color can be fashionable and decorative too, especially when paired with gold! 

The combination of pink and gold can have such different results depending on the shade of pink being used.  I love the modern result when gold is paired with a deep pink.  And I equally love the romantic vintage feel when gold is paired with a lighter blush pink.  Here are some pretty pink and gold combinations that caught my eye this week.  

This array of pink and gold throw pillows, paired with with gold patterned wallpaper is just too pretty not to post.  All the different patterns complement each other well, and make for a visually appealing presentation.

These magenta flowers are a beautiful pop of color on this glass coffee table with gold trim.  The addition of navy to the palette creates a modern feel.  

A blush ballet flat with gold accents can glam up any simple outfit whether it be jeans or shorts.  I can also envision these flats with a flowy flowery skirt. 

A pink and gold globe.  I mean, has geography ever been more pretty?  This is the perfect accessory for an office occupied by a woman that is not afraid to show her girly side.

I love almost any decor or DIY project involving mason jars, and these gold painted jars are no exception.  Visit the site on the link for a million other uses for mason jars.  I know I will be back there to visit!

A party theme incorporating dark pink and gold is gorgeous and glam.  I love the details of the goblets and containers painted with accents of gold.

Not everyone has a pair of light pink skinny jeans, but maybe they should!  And some classic gold bangles to go with it as well.  Sigh...I think I'm already dreaming of having wardrobe options again once I give birth.  It sure gets old wearing the same few maternity tops/pants day after day!

Realistically, I don't see any pink doors in my least not for my house.  However, I have to admit I was drawn to both of these pink doors with gold accents.  They catch your eye, and definitely make a statement.  

This Kate Spade inspired office is a pretty and inviting space.  I'd work there!

How adorable would these pink and gold DIY lace crowns be for your little princess' birthday party.  These sparkly crowns could even work well as creative decor pieces on your party tables.

And what better way to end this post than some inspiring pink and gold of course! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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