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Thursday, June 11, 2015

DIY: Quick and Easy Teacher Gift

This week, Shaylin's first year of preschool came to an end.  Cue the emotional tears from mommy.  The school year went by so fast!  She learned so much and made some wonderful new little friends.  Here's Shaylin's first day of school photo, and last day of school photo.

She looks more grown up (sob), and according to hubby, has a little more swag.  And yes, her hair is different, as my little girl decided to cut her own hair last month when mommy was resting.  That will be a story for another day... 

We were very blessed to have had such sweet and caring teachers to help make Shay's first year of school so successful.  Thanks to our wonderful room parents, we had a scrapbook to present to each teacher on the last day of school that each child contributed to.  In addition to that, I just wanted to have something small that Shay could give her teachers to say thank you too. 

I decided on the theme BRIGHT because really, these teachers made every day at preschool bright and sunny!  They had bright smiles to greet us every morning, bright smiles to send the kids off at the end of the day, and I'm sure many bright smiles during the day as well.  We got small clear canisters and filled them up with just a few yellow items.  Ususally I would get a little basket so it could come together in a gift basket form, but I wasn't able to find a yellow one to go with the theme.  The clear canister would work just fine, even though I had to take out a few things that I had bought earlier that just didn't fit.

Here's a closeup of the label we put on the front of the container.  I left room at the bottom for Shaylin to write her name but she was a little under the weather and wasn't in any mood to practice her writing.  Le sigh...  Here's a close up of the label.

Now that the school year is over, the next order of business is what on earth to do with Shay's bin full of preschool art???  I am working on a project for that next, which I hope won't take me all summer!


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