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Monday, July 13, 2015

Mom Musings: Differences Between First and Third Pregnancy

Now that we're preparing for our third child to arrive in less than 2 weeks, I look back and laugh at some of the distinct differences I've experienced during this pregnancy vs. my first.  It's the same 9 months of experiences, just dealt with in completely different ways.  Oh, and please excuse the cover photo, I just couldn't find anything appropriate to this post.  But like everything else with this third pregnancy, my reaction is "it'll do just fine." 

First Baby:  How far along are you?  "I am 23 weeks, 4 days, 12 hours pregnant.  And my baby is the size of an eggplant."
Third Baby:  How far along are you?  "Um, I'm not sure.  I think I'm around 23 weeks pregnant?"
(check later to see if I was right)

First Baby:  I'm suffering from all day morning sickness, but I can come home, lie down and try to meditate the nausea away in quiet.
Third Baby:  I'm suffering from all day morning sickness, but there is no down time or quiet time with a 4 and 2 year old that have to be fed, bathed, taught and entertained for 12 hours until daddy gets home!

First Baby:  Made sure to take belly pics as I got bigger.
Third Baby:  I really don't mind having no photos of me for 9 months!

First Baby:  Paid over $100 for an extra 4D ultrasound just to see her face.  Oh, and got the DVD too!
Third Baby:  As long as the baby is measuring well and is healthy, we'll just take whatever photos are covered by insurance, please.

First Baby:  Spent HOURS researching everything from crib mattresses to infant car seats to diaper bags.
Third Baby:  Thank GOODNESS we have everything already.  My internet hours can be wasted on celebrity gossip instead. 

First Baby:  Must use extra sensitive (and extra expensive) baby detergent to wash everything that will touch baby's skin.
Third Baby:  Forget Dreft, the free and clear (of perfumes and dyes) detergent is the same price as regular detergent.

First Baby:  Nursery must be set up perfectly with every piece of unnecessary item that new parents fall for (think baby wipe heater)
Third Baby:  She'll be in my room for the first so many months so no room is necessary yet.  Baby stuff will get stored anywhere there is space in between the two older kids' rooms.  Example of a few things in big bro's closet:   

First Baby:  Flipped through the baby name book and browsed online for months.
Third Baby:  Don't really have time to talk about names.  The right name will pop out of nowhere when the pressure is on, right?

Now while this baby may not have a name or a room set up yet, she is most definitely loved just the same as her siblings...even more so because there are more of us now to love on her!  I just like to believe that with this pregnancy, I didn't overthink anything, or stress about every little detail.  Some things were definitely harder this time around, like first trimester struggles with all day nausea with 2 little kids at home.  And similarly, third trimester struggles being a lot heavier and uncomfortable while needing to be busy and active with 2 little kids.  But overall, things have gone well, and am so thankful to be going through this pregnancy.  It's been fun comparing this experience to my first one, over 4 years ago.  Just my mom musings for this Monday.

Have a great week!


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