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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Tiny House Intrigue

Recently I've been sort of fascinated by the idea of the "tiny house".  According to Wikipedia, in order to be considered a "tiny" house, total square footage must be less than 400 sq ft.  My intrigue with the "tiny house movement" is not because I could ever live in one.  Being claustrophobic, and having a family of (soon to be) 5 aren't really conducive to tiny house living.  And the thought is also quite comical when you hear that my must-haves for a new house include:
1. a large kitchen
2. a large walk-in master closet
3. a large pantry

Did you notice a common word in that list?  LARGE.  Which um, is the complete opposite of tiny.  Oops.  :)

Yes I am guilty of liking a lot of storage space, and a lot of room to be organized.  Which is why my current kitchen, closet and panty drive me nuts.  But I digress... While the concept of a tiny house does not interest me as a viable living option, I think the OCD in me is intrigued with the idea of being so organized to where all your stuff fits into such a small space.  This type of living also discourages unnecessary collection of material things.    

In a tiny house, pretty much everything has a function, which I also love.  The space constraints encourages creative and efficient living in order to utilize every inch of space.  This speaks to me, as I like everything in my home to have a purpose, and for everything to have its place.

Here are some tiny houses that have caught my eye this week. I would love to see some of these in person!


How awesome is this converted grain silo?  It's totally modern inside, and is ridiculously creative and cool.  Check out the link for photos of the upstairs bedroom, and the cool sliding door to the outside!


Isn't this tiny tree house just the most adorable thing you've ever seen?  It has 3 levels of living space with a patio, main living area and upstairs loft.  Not to mention the relaxing hammock downstairs.  I seriously want this tree the backyard of my real house *wink*


This tiny 93 sq ft. space was converted from a laundry room to a house.  The exposed brick, and the incorporation of the bed and the bath upstairs are my personal faves.  Be sure to click on the link for more photos of this smart laundry room conversion.  


The bed takes up the whole loft, but is such a cool use of space.  I also like the way it is oriented so you don't have to worry about falling off!  But how exactly do you get up there?  


This tiny beach house is just 335 sq. ft. but looks and feels a lot larger, especially when the french doors open up to the amazing patio.  Did I mention ocean views?  Definitely check out the other pics here.   


These stair drawers are an excellent way to make use of an otherwise wasted space.  You can store anything from clothes to kitchen supplies in there.  A storage dream in a tiny house!


This tiny house has two upstairs loft spaces!  Check the link out for more fun photos of this house.  It's quite amazing how spacious and homey it looks when fully decorated.



And finally, how fun is this school bus turned house?  How would you like to roll up to school in this gem?  

I love the fun and creativity that goes into making a tiny house work!


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