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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Style Inspiration - Tribal Arrows

It's been awhile since I've done a style inspiration post, and I've been wanting to do one on this design feature for a long time - tribal arrows!  

I think when you initially hear tribal arrows, you think it would probably be more masculine in feel.  However, when I looked through my collection of photos, I noticed just how pretty and feminine tribal arrows can look, and those are the items I was drawn to.  In fact, most of what you'll see here are perfect for women or babies.  But that shouldn't be a surprise, right?  ;)

How cute is this coral and teal crib blanket for your daughter's nursery?  The color combination is fresh and modern, and the print can transition to a big girl room as well.  

This arrow necklace holder is so cute and creative.  What a stylish way to store and display your jewelry.

I think I may need to get this arrow tank.  And in this color too!

The mixture of patterns and colors on this quilt is awesome and can really be used for any gender and any age.

I wish I could get this adorable onesie for Aubri, but for right now it's unavailable on Etsy.

I love how dainty this silver arrow ring looks...

...and I love this style too.  I'd definitely wear either one of these as fun accent pieces.
This baby carrier by Tula features a gender neutral color and arrow print.  Very practical!

Decorate your little girl's room with this tribal arrow art found on Etsy.

I'm loving this stylish metallic gold arrow accent pillow.  Its gray and gold color combination makes it easy to pair with another color that may be in your room's current color scheme.

 This arrow bracelet with monogram charm is so pretty and unique.  The fact that it can be personalized makes it a great gift too.

What a stylish idea for a party.  This tribal theme is perfect for any celebration whether it be a shower, birthday, or just because.

And finally a last minute add - tribal inspired pumpkins...because it's October!

Hope you enjoyed this week's style inspiration.  Until next time!


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