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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Playing A Little Catch Up

Okay seriously, where has this month gone??  I feel like it has just flown by and in just a few days it will be Halloween already!  We have our costumes ready to go, and are looking forward to wearing them at least a few times this week.  And yes, we are one of those families that does themes!

But back to my catch up items.  Aubri turned 3 months old last week, and here are her monthly photos.  It was hard to get good shots this month because she has started sucking on her hands a lot so most of my pictures were of her with a mouth full of hands and drool.  

Last weekend we did our annual family trip to Bates Nut Farm for the pumpkin patch festivities.  There seemed to be so many more food venders and activities this year that I didn't really notice last year.  We saw rock climbing, Disney Princess face painting, bounce house/jumbo slide, live music and so much more!  I should have gotten more pictures of the scenery but with 3 kids now, it's a lot harder to focus on taking other pictures (not of them, lol).

The straw maze was definitely the highlight of the day for us all.  I guess any activity that allows the kids to just run wild and free will be a fun time. Shay and Landon had a blast leading us through it not just once, but twice!  I think Landon led us to every dead end though, haha!

On this day I didn't get any great photos of the kids with pumpkins.  Except for this winner - Landon finding out that sitting on pumpkins isn't as easy as it looks.  Oops!

So hard to get 3 kids looking at the camera!  Even with photo assistant entertainer daddy in the background.

We love fall!  See you again next year, Bates!


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