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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What's in my Car Bag?

Car bag, overflow bag, "just in case" bag...whatever you may call it, it's a necessity in my car!  When you are driving three kids around every day, there are a number of things that need to be readily available at all times.  This bag of goodies has saved me too many times to count.  Let's dive in!

The bag that I use in my car is the Thirty-One Deluxe Utility Tote.  I absolutely LOVE this tote.  I have two, and have found a lot of uses for them.  Car bag, beach bag, gift carrying bag at name it!  It measures approximately 22" x 12" and it fits a TON.  I found that the perfect place for it is on the floor in between the front passenger seat, and my infant car seat.  This way the tote is easily accessible, and is much more convenient than keeping it in my trunk.

Some features include a generous open space, three pockets in the front, tote handles and easy to clean fabric.  It also folds down flat for easy storage when not in use.  The one I have in my car is in the print Charcoal Links.

Shown above is everything at a glance.  

High Chair/Shopping Cart Cover
While I usually have my baby in the Tula when grocery shopping, in the rare instance I do not, I will use this cover on the shopping cart.  And now that Aubri is biting everything in sight, it comes in handy for the high chair as well if we go out to eat.

Tula Baby Carrier
The Tula is probably my most used baby item.  Having a nice place for it in the car bag in front of the infant car seat makes it so easy to grab or store after either putting baby in the carseat or taking her out.

Extra Play Packs
Always great to have extras of these for my kids.  They love to color!

Chico Bag
You never know when you're going to need an extra bag!

Parasheet Picnic Blanket
This lightweight sheet is a great blanket for a picnic, and it folds up really small and compact.

Another just in case item in case of any spills, or to use as a blanket.

Small Cooler Bag w/Extra Bottles of Water
Sometimes I do forget my kids' water bottles.  Shame on me!

Bag of Baby Toys
Toys to keep her entertained in the car.  (she does NOT like the car)

I like to keep sunscreen in the car just in case we drop by a park on a hot, sunny day.

Restaurant Busy Bag
My kids are at the age where going out to eat with them can be more stressful than it is enjoyable.  However, having this restaurant "busy bag" has come in handy SO many times, I highly recommend it!  The bag I'm using is one of my faves, the Ju-Ju-Be "Be Quick", and this one is in the Royal Envy print.  I'm pretty sure every one of my organization posts will include some sort of Ju-Ju-Be bag because if I haven't mentioned it before, I'm obsessed with them.  #theaddictionisreal  

If we happen to find ourselves going to a restaurant, I just pull out this bag.  The toys and play packs keep my kids occupied so nicely while we sit and wait for food.  The play packs come with little coloring books, crayons and stickers.  And the little toys are perfect to just play around with.  This little bag fits so much!  I also have another one that I keep just baby toys in so sometimes I bring that one in to restaurants too.  

Extra diapers, change of clothes and a mini med kit
The three mesh bags that I keep in my car bag are part of the 5 bag Sugar Snaps Filing System.  
I bought these years ago to try in my diaper bag, and while they didn't quite work for me there, they work well in the car bag.  Each file is labeled so this works nicely for when the hubby needs to grab an extra diaper or change of clothes for one of the kids.  

The filing system comes with 5 files:
- Dipes + Wipes
- Shirts + Socks
- Lotions + Potions
- Me + Mine
- Snacks + Supplies

I just utilize the first three for my car purposes.  

I find that keeping an organized car bag makes life so much easier for me when I am taking my three kids out!  Do you have one in your car?  What are some of the things that you carry in yours?


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