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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Aubri - 7 Months!

Is it just me, or is this year flying by already??  Seriously, 2016...slow down please!

With my youngest baby, Aubri, sometimes it seems like I blink and she's at a new milestone already.  In the last couple of months she has grown 2 teeth, started eating baby food, and started to crawl.  Not to mention, she is now in her own crib and sharing a room with her big sis.  Aaah where did my little baby go?  I don't want to blink again because then we will be at high school graduation!

I laugh at these monthly shots because they're always taken so haphazardly before the normal chaos escalates too far.  Usually when Landon sees me setup this shoot, he becomes Aubri's best friend.  He runs up to the chair and tries to give her kisses, then he comes back and gives her toys, and at some point he jumps on my back while I'm holding the camera.  Shaylin is usually in back of me making funny faces trying to make Aubri smile but my little assistant always ends up leaving early for various reasons.  And lately, I'm just trying to get any shot before 1) my background falls, or 2) Aubri falls.  So these pics aren't the best by any means, but they are memories at least!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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