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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review: Lily Jade Madeline Convertible Diaper Bag

  As a mom of three kids, I am definitely outnumbered!  I don't have enough hands for each of them plus a purse, diaper bag, etc.  So when my third child Aubri started walking (and running), it really made me reevaluate my diaper bags.  Being hands free would become not only desired, but necessary!

A while back I came across Lily Jade diaper bags and was instantly intrigued.  What's great about their bags is that almost all their styles are convertible and can be worn four different ways: as a tote, on the shoulder using the messenger strap, crossbody using the messenger strap, or backpack style.

In addition, what sets Lily Jade apart from other brands is their included baby bag insert, which allows you to to keep all your baby stuff (and your mom stuff) super organized, in a bag that really doesn't look like a diaper bag.  This insert comes with 12 compartments to hold all your necessities, and is removeable.  It can easily be taken out and left with babysitters, or be put into another tote bag if you're into switching bags a lot like I am. The bag style that I ended up with is the Madeline, which is one of their smaller sizes, but still holds a TON.


Convertible bags are honestly the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Having the option of being carried like a purse and also as a backpack make them amazing purchases, it's like a 2 for one.  I usually leave the backpack straps attached, and when with the kids, use it almost exclusively as a backpack.  I was never much of a backpack girl, but I'm officially converted, and obsessed.  Outings with the kids are SO much easier when I can just throw the bag on my back and be hands free.
For the times that I am without the kids, I just take out the insert, and use this bag as a purse.  For those occasions, I use it tote style.  In addition, I was pleased to find out that it is also large enough to fit my laptop so the bag is often my companion when I head to Starbucks to get some work done.

The Lily Jade bags are an investment, but look at it this way...when you're done with the diapering stage, you're still left with a leather hand bag that will last you for many, many years!  I say it's worth it.  :)  My only regret is that I didn't find Lily Jade sooner!


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