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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

From Diaper Bag to Camera Bag

For awhile I have been wanting to switch out my boring plain black camera bag that I've had for years.  But instead of buying a new bag, I thought it would be fun if I could turn one of my existing bags into a camera bag with the help of an insert.  

In the past year I have bought a ton of bag inserts mainly to organize my diaper bags, but I've bought smaller ones to organize my purses as well (with awesome results!).  So I figured a camera bag insert was the next clear purchase for me.  I reserched camera bag inserts until I found one that worked perfectly for my needs.  I was so happyto find this insert on Amazon for just $17! 

The insert is padded and the partitions are removable/adjustable, making it customizable to your needs.  In this insert, I'm able to store my camera body, 3 lenses, and the battery charger/cord.  
It also closes with a drawstring if you ever need that function.
The bag that I put this insert into is actually a diaper bag!  It's the Ju-Ju-Be Hobobe in the Queen of the Nile print.  The insert into this bag is a perfect fit.  
In the front pocket of the bag, I can fit two extra lens covers into the mesh pockets and the USB adaptor in the main section, with plenty of room to spare.  
I also fit the camera manual in the bag's internal zipper pocket.  I never use it, but putting it in the zipper pocket means it's out of the way but there in case I ever do need it.  
Overall, I'm loving the versatility that this camera insert gives me.  It allows me to use this diaper bag way beyond diaper days...and that's a winner in my book!



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  2. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)