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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Review: Twistshake Kid Cup

While my two older kids love milk, my 2 year old Aubri loooves herself some water.  She also loves fruits, so I always thought trying a fruit infused water drink on her would be a great idea.  However, busy mom that I am, I never actually got around to trying it.

Enter in Twistshake of Sweden!  Their baby bottle has won numerous awards in many different countries, which is impressive.  And now the company has branched out to create many new amazing products for babies and kids. 
Since Aubri is 2 years old and no longer in the bottle phase, for our collaboration with Twistshake, we decided to try out the 12 oz Kid Cup.  This cup is perfect for the stage Aubri is in because she is past bottles, but not quite steady enough with her hands to use a regular cup without spilling.  A lid is still very much necessary.

The kid cup comes with a fruit mixer so you can mix and shake up fun fruit infused drinks for you kids.  Aubri's favorite so far has been a watermelon/strawberry combo, but she also just really loves regular water in her cups as well.  
Just a few of  Twistshake's amazing features:
- BPA free
- Top rack dishwasher safe
- Leak free and spill free (a mama's dream!)
- Interchangable lids
- Tons of cool colors to choose from!

Check out Twistshake to see their whole assortment of products. And because everyone loves a good discount code, be sure to use code onewhimsylane20 for 20% off of your purchase too!  It's FREE SHIPPING over $25.  Go check them out!


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