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Monday, October 9, 2017

Visit: San Diego Children's Discovery Museum

If you're in San Diego and on the hunt for a fun place to take the kiddos, you should definitely check out the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum in Escondido.  It's a fabulous indoor and outdoor space for kids to play, explore and learn.  It's big enough for the kids to be entertained for hours, yet small enough to feel cozy and safe.  We have fun every single time we visit!
There are so many different stations inside, where kids can work on their fine motor skills, use their imagination, and even climb and slide.  
Landon enjoys building with the blocks.  His goal is always to build the tallest tower EVER.
These floating balls were entertaining for Aubri. She kept going back to them.
The food stand is always a hit too.  There's something about pretend food that kids just love.  They enjoyed playing store, and selling food to me.  :)
For some reason Landon really wanted to get this scale to hit 6.  And when it did, he was so excited!
The outdoor section of the museum has just as much for the the kids to see and do, and if you're there at the right time, you could catch an arts and crafts workshop or storytime. A good portion of the outdoor space is covered by shade, which I truly do appreciate.  You can also find a bunch of picnic tables out there if you want to stop and have a snack, or eat lunch. 
 Whoever thought up this lego duplo water table is a genius.
And we can't ever leave the museum without playing with some bubbles.  That smile says it all!
We highly recommend the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum to anyone with young kids.  There's actually so much that we didn't even have time to play with or photograph this visit.  But luckily for us, we're members so there's always next time!  It's a fantastic place to spend a few hours....or all day!  Go check them out!


The San Diego Children's Discovery Museum is located at 320 North Broadway, Escondido, CA 92025.

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