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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Visit: Legoland California

One of the perks of living in Southern California is the abundance of fun attractions for families with young children.  We have done a lot of Sea World and San Diego Zoo visits over the years, but a couple of weeks ago, our family celebrated my daughter's 7th birthday with a trip to Legoland California.  If you come to our house you'd see just how far the LEGO love runs (ALL over the playroom to be exact) so you can imagine how excited the kids were!

At a tall seven years old, Shaylin was tall enough to go on a lot of rides herself.  This was a huge help for the rides that only sat two, as hubby and I could then each take one of the younger kids so we could all ride at the same time.  Aubri was too short to go on some rides. But I don't think she really noticed or minded when that did happen.  
Yep....Mommy does not do roller coasters.  :)  Aubri and I went on a boat ride instead!
One of the highlights for the birthday girl was going to Heartlake City to see the LEGO Friends perform on stage.    
Not gonna lie, Landon was pretty starstuck as well.  They have recently been watching LEGO Friends the TV show on Netflix and were familiar with the cast members.
Shaylin's favorite ride of the day was probably here at this driving school because you actually get to drive a car!  The street setup is pretty large and you can drive anywhere you want.  How fun, right?!  And tell me that LEGO man with the briefcase standing on the sidewalk isn't hilarious.  Haha!  This ride was for ages 7-12 so she just made it.  ;)
There are all types of cool things that I didn't get to take pictures of on this day such as Miniland USA, which is miniature versions of famous cities such as NYC, Las Vegas and Paris...all built with Legos.  There's also an impressive Star Wars section, and a ton more rides!  

We are heading back next month to check out the Water Park, which I've never been to and am excited to check out.  And speaking of water, at the end of the day the girls and I soaked the boys with water guns on their final ride.  It was awesome!
What a fun day!  Too bad I am missing the obligatory "kids completely passed out in the car" picture.  If you are thinking about a family fun day in So Cal, I definitely recommend Legoland California!  


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