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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Ju-Ju-Be EVER Collection | Featuring the Everyday Tote

Ju-Ju-Be always has something new up their sleeve, and this new line of bags doesn't disappoint!  
On June 21st, Ju-Ju-Be will be launching the EVER Collection, a beautiful new line of vegan leather bags perfect for both days with kids, and days without.  This sleek collection consists of three styles, the Wherever Weekender, the Forever Backpack, and the Everyday Tote (featured here).  All three styles will be available in three colors: Noir (black), Brulee (camel) and Stone (gray).     
 I'm excited to share with you the Everyday Tote in Brulee, and thank you to Ju-Ju-Be for sending it over to review.  My first impression upon seeing the bag in person was that it looks like it's the perfect size, and once I picked it up I was sold because it's so LIGHTWEIGHT!  We are in potty training mode, so I am carrying some extra stuff these days, plus I always carry water and snacks for my kids so I need and appreciate a big bag.  
The Everyday Tote features amazing organization built right into the bag.  On the inside there are two bottle pockets on either end, four slip pockets (two on each side), and a long zipper pocket across the back.  There's also a key leash to hook your keys so they don't get lost in the bag.  On the outside there is a zipper pocket on each side.  The back pocket is felt lined for your tech, and the one on the front is a regular pocket. Also included is a lightly padded change pad, and a dustbag.  
What I also love about this new line is the stunning attention to detail on all areas of the bag. All of the hardware and zipper pulls have pretty details. 
And what exactly am I carrying for my two year old these days?  Check back soon for a "what's in my toddler bag" post!
In the meantime, go check out Ju-Ju-Be's Instagram for more pictures of the other styles and colors coming out in the EVER Collection. And don't forget, launch date is June 21st!  Can't wait!


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