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Monday, August 27, 2018

First Days of School 2018

Last week all three of my kids had their first day of school - 2nd grade, kindergarten, and preschool.  And I have to say...I'm so glad our district started on Wednesday instead of Monday because I got so burnt out from those three days, I can't imagine if we had to jump straight into a five day week!

The night before school starts I always have the same thoughts running through my head...
Did we do enough this summer?  Did we spend enough actual quality time together?  Did I prep them enough for their upcoming grade?  I wish we had just a few more days to do something fun, etc...
Some days we did a ton, and some days we did nothing.  And I have to admit, we also had really tough days with having three kids home all day together, often times arguing, and getting in each other's way.  But overall I think we had a fun summer, and it went by way too fast.

Now that school has started, I definitely miss our leisurely summer mornings, as opposed to the chaotic early morning rush on school days.  But the smiles on my kids' faces about going to school sure helped a lot!  Shaylin and Landon are at the same school for the first time and I think they get a kick out of it.  Landon has been waiting for two years to be in Shaylin's former kindergarten teacher's class so he was especially excited to start school.

Aubri started preschool the following day and I think I'm still in denial.
With a July birthday, she is a young three, and with her being my baby it's especially hard to believe that she is school age already.  She is the only one that I have been home with from day one, so we are also very much used to being together all the time.  
I didn't have to actually leave her on the first day because it was an orientation day for both kids and parents. We got to explore the classroom, do a scavenger hunt, play outside, and meet some new friends.  But tomorrow I will be dropping her off so that will be the real test for both of us.  Fingers crossed for all smiles!

Sending the kids off to school is such an emotional time for a parent.  It's the start of a new season, which can be both exciting and nervewrecking. It's not always easy watching your child navigate new situations and new people.  You can never fully predict how the first day will go, and as the school year goes on too, we can only hope and pray that they will work hard, be confident in who they are, and surround themselves with friends that are kind, supportive, and uplifiting.  They grow up so fast...I really just hope they enjoy these elementary/preschool years and make lots of fun memories.
Here's to hoping that all of our kids out there have a fun and happy school year!



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