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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Summer Sunnies with DIFF Eyewear

If you live in a place like San Diego where the weather is pretty nice and sunny year-round, sunglasses are a common accessory to have on hand.  And I'm no exception.  In fact, I never leave home without a pair (or two) of sunglasses either in my purse, or in the car.  My sensitive eyes need it!
A while back I came across DIFF Eyewear while window shopping new sunnies, and was immediately intrigued by the company's #makeaDIFFerence mission.  Did you know that for every pair of sunglasses sold, DIFF donates a pair of reading glasses to someone in need?  Over the past few years, DIFF has donated over 620,000 pairs of eyeglasss.  Now that's a company I can get behind!  Read more about how DIFF gives back.

Since I am somewhat of a sunglasses addict, I recently decided that it was time (yet again) for a new pair.  I decided to go back to DIFF, and with this being my second pair from them, I thought it was a good time to finally do a blog post so here we are!
The style I chose to go with are The Cruz aviators in black + the grey gradient lens.  I wanted to try out one of their pink mirror lens glasses, but the one I wanted was sold out.  No worries though, because my go-to color for most accessories is black anyway!  
They're so lightweight on your face, and super comfortable to wear.  I also think they're the perfect size, and just a nice classic aviator style to add to your collection.  I'm a fan for sure!

Sidenote: Aubri's sunglasses aren't DIFF, but if your mini-me is looking for matching sunglasses, Lil DIFF sunglasses are available, which are smaller versions of some of your favorite styles.
If you're interested in trying out a pair of DIFF sunglasses, click HERE for a 20% off coupon!  
And one more pic, just because Shaylin never passes up a chance to tell me that she can almost wear my shoes and clothes...and apparently she can already wear my sunglasses too!  
And I think she wears them better than me!


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