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Sunday, December 23, 2018

BeautyCounter Kids

Eeek 2 days until Christmas!!!  Thankfully, holiday shopping is done for me, so all that's left is to enjoy this special time with my family.  Hello hot cocoa and cuddles!  :)

Now as a mom, I'm always thinking about my kids, and products for them.  But around the holidays I'm especially emotional about them.  Which leads me to this post.  My kids are the most important thing in my life, and my mission is always to keep them safe the best way I can.  Recently, I was introducted to BeautyCounter through my friend Gina, who is a member of their amazing team, and come to find out, this company has a kids line! 

If you're not familiar with BeautyCounter, it's okay.  I wasn't either, earlier this year.  But now is a great time to get familiar because the company is growing, and their mission is noteworthy.  Unfortunately and quite shockingly, the United States hasn't passed a major federal law regulating the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938.  BeautyCounter is on a mission to change this, and "to get safer products in the hands of everyone".  You can read more about BeautyCounter's story and mission HERE.

Recently, my family had the opportunity to try out BeautyCounter's kids line of shampoo, conditoner and body wash.

The products we sampled were the Kids Bath Collection, which consisted of:
Nice Do Kids Shampoo
Not a Knot Kids Conditioner
Super Duper Clean Kids Body Wash

All the products are carefully crafted to be gentle, effective and kid-friendly.  Safe for daily use.  And isn't that what all moms are looking for?  Heck yes!!

I like to test these types of products out for a while before writing about them, but I had two quick observations the very first time we used them.

1.  They smell so good!  SO good. I'm all about good smelling products, and this one did not disappoint.  I hadn't read up on the products before I tried them out so I didn't know what to expect.  The body wash in particular really caught my attention.  In my opinion, the body wash has an amazing almost grapefruit-like scent that makes you just want to smell it over and over.  I always make sure to smell it after I put some on the washcloth, haha!  All three products just smell so fresh and clean.  Maybe it also comes from knowing that they have no questionable ingredients in them too. ;)

2.  The conditioner is amazing!  Prior to trying BeautyCounter, I always tended to buy the two-in-one shampoo/body wash products simply out of convenience.  My seven year old though, always had incredibly tangled hair after using those products and even with detanglers, I still had a hard time getting out all of her tangles.  When we used the shampoo and conditioner from BeautyCounter on her hair, I was amazed at how tangle free her hair was!  I was literally in shock.  I was just so used to her coming out of the bath with extremely tangled hair, and dreading having to brush it out.  Her hair is noticeably more silky and smooth after using BeautyCounter.

After using the trio of kids products for awhile, I can honestly say that as a mom I would absolutely recommend this Kids Bath Collection.  I do believe there's not a better feeling than knowing that the products you're putting on your kids is safe for their gentle skin.  The products do come at somewhat of a premium price, but with good reason.  And a little goes a long way so the bottles actually last quite a long time. 

If you're interested in checking out the Kids Bath Collection, or anything else from BeautyCounter's range of products including skin care and makeup, Gina is always ready and available to help you out!  Reach her and browse products via her website here.

And for a limited time only, selected products are on a 30% off winter special so go check them out!!!  Unfortunately, the Kids line is not on sale, but there are still other products in stock that you can score at this amazing discount so go now!  Again, website here ---> BeautyCounter With Gina.
Wishing you all a blessed holiday season with your loved ones! 


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