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Monday, January 25, 2016

Rediscovering Ju-Ju-Be's Legacy Line

When I first got pregnant five years ago, I think one of the things I was most excited to research was diaper bag brands.  There are so many brands and a style for every personality and occasion, which is quite overwhelming!  Initially, there were a few brands that I found myself drawn to, with one being Ju-Ju-Be.  

If you're not familiar with Ju-Ju-Be, you'll see in this picture that they are known for their bright, fun, cheerful prints.  

Until recently, I have only only gone with Ju-Ju-Be for my accessory bags because I didn't want to purchase anything in a pattern that screamed diaper bag, and just prefered to go with neutrals anyway.  I bought a ton of my favorite accessory bag, the Be Quick wristlet.  It's just the pefect size for a million different uses.

Be Quick in Sea Glass

These Be Quicks have been a favorite of mine for many years, but I had never turned to Ju-Ju-Be for actual diaper bags.  Their Legacy line changed this. This line is made up of neutrals, and is much sleeker than their original Classic line of prints.  More modern, and less mommy-like.
Here is the Be Quick wristlet shown below in various Legacy prints.  You could easily use these on their own as a clutch purse.

I've had the Be Quick in the First Lady print (striped print on the left) for a couple of years, but never really looked into the other prints.  Recently though, I've rediscovered my love for this Legacy line.  Most of the prints are either black/white or navy/champagne for easy, fun coordination and print pairing.  Besides the First Lady, here are a few of other prints that the Legacy line offers.

And now there's a new Nautical Line.

Love these Be Quicks!

Recently I turned to the Ju-Ju-Be Legacy line when I decided to downsize and reorganize my diaper bag.  If you're looking to downsize as well, be sure to stay tuned for those posts!


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