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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Diaper Bag...Downsized.

My youngest little one is only 6 months old, which means I will be in the diapering stage for quite a while more.  Fun times!  Despite this, I recently decided that I'd challenge myself to downsize my diaper bag.  I really do love large bags, so I thought this might be tough to do.  But we're an active family, and now with three kids to tow around everywhere, less is more these days.  Of course sometimes when we're out longer I may need more things for the kids so I'll just use a larger bag then.  But for most days, packing light is much more desirable.  If you're looking to downsize as well, maybe this bag option can work for you! 

If you follow my blog, you may have read that I've recently rediscovered my love for Ju-Ju-Be brand's Legacy line.  When I made the decision to downsize my bag, I knew I wanted to find one that was functional, with lots of organizational pockets, which Ju-Ju-Be is known for.  I ended up going with the HoboBe in the Legacy Monarch print, a classic black.   

I know what you're thinking...this bag looks like a purse and there's no way there's enough room to fit everything for three kids.  But it's a lot bigger than it looks!  In addition to the internal organizational pockets that this bag features, I'm also utilizing the Ju-Ju-Be Be Sets, which are a small, medium, large pouch set combo, to help keep things organized. These bags come with both a long and a short strap if you want to wear the two larger pouches like purses.
 Sidenote: I'm slightly obsessed with these Be Sets because they're so versatile, just like the Be Quicks.  I'll have to do a separate post on all the uses I have for them!

Some of the features I love from Ju-Ju-Be are those features that are not visible.  The bag is machine washable - a great perk if you need to clean it.  The fabric is also coated with Teflon, a fabric protector to help repel stains.  And the inside features a light colored lining that is treated with Agion, which fights germs. Bonus!

If you're still wondering how this bag could possibly fit all my needs for three kids, I'll do a quick "what's in my diaper bag" so you can decide if there's enough room for your own things.  Here's what I can fit into the HoboBe.

Front "Mommy Pocket"
This area of the bag nicely keeps all of my personal items separate from my kids' items.  The mommy pocket has two mesh pockets, one long zipper pocket, a key FOB and an open space.
It doesn't look like a lot could fit in there, but here's what fits nicely for me.
- full size slim wallet
- keys (attached to lanyard)
- small "Be Set" piece with rewards cards, punch cards, insurance cards, etc.
- compact
- lip gloss
- gum
- mints
- pen
- pencil
- lip balm

Electronics Pocket
This pocket is lined with a nice velvety fabric so your electronics don't get scratched.  I keep my phone here.
The iPhone 6 is a snug fit, so I don't think anything larger will work here.

Side Pocket 1
I don't put my kids' water bottles here, even though it is a nice insulated pocket perfect for that.  Instead, I store my sunglasses here for easy access.

Side Pocket 2
Things that I reach for often:
- hand sanitizer spray
- hand lotion
- sunscreen
- sunscreen stick

Back Pocket
I usually use this as a catch-all pocket for things like receipts or my baby's headbands.  Basically things that I will remove when I get home.

Main Compartment
Inside the bag are 3 mesh pockets, one small zippered pocket and one large zippered pocket.

Mesh Pocket 1
- baby sun hat
- burp cloth
- bib

Mesh Pocket 2
- hand and face wipes
- tissues

Mesh Pocket 3: Travelon Packing Cube - smallest in set of 3
I use this packing cube as a mini med kit.  In it, I keep everything from bandaids to nail clippers, a thermometer and hair ties.  I also keep travel or sample sizes of things like aquaphor, pain meds, lanolin...and a LOT more things.  It's amazing how much fits in this little pouch.  I love it!  For size reference, here's how big it is compared to the HoboBe.

Zipper Pocket 1
- notepad
- calendar
- immunization cards
- extra nursing pads

Zipper Pocket 2
- travel deoderant
- hairspray
- comb

- nursing cover
- wet bag with change of clothes for baby
- teething toy
-large Be Set piece (see below)
- medium Be Set piece

- Large Set Piece (diapering needs)
I like having a pouch designated for diapering needs.  This makes it easy to just grab and go, which comes in handy when running to the restroom in a restaurant, on a plane, or even for a diaper change in the parking lot in the back of my SUV.  :)
- diapers
- buti pod with wipes
- light change pad
- diaper trash bags
-travel container of diaper cream
- antibacterial hand sanitizer

Medium Set Piece (snacks)
I know this sounds so bad, but there are times when I do need "bribe" snacks.  Whether we're at a store, at the doctor's office, or just trying to leave the park, when you have a 4 and a 2 year old, sometimes you just need these things.  No apologies!
- fruit snacks
- organic suckers from Sprouts (we love these!)
I'll keep other things in here too like fruit/veggie pouches, granola bars, nuts, a baby spoon, napkins, etc.

And that's it!  Here's how everything fits.

Whew that's a lot of stuff in a small bag.  Downsize successful!  Is there a small diaper bag that you recommend?  I'd love to hear about it!



  1. Oh my goodness! I thought it was impossible. I just got a blooming romance hobobe, and after looking at my old bag, I thought, no way! Thanks for the insight! Will definitely be truing this.

  2. Oh my goodness! I thought it was impossible. I just got a blooming romance hobobe, and after looking at my old bag, I thought, no way! Thanks for the insight! Will definitely be truing this.