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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jazz up the LBB - Little Black (Diaper) Bag

Quick little post for this Thursday morning.  :)

One of the diaper bags I'm currently using is a compact purse style bag, no frills, but basic and classic.  A LBB (little black bag) if you will!  The other day I decided that the LBB needed just a couple of accessories to give it some jazz.  No more than two since it is a small bag.

First, I decided to attach a cute new pocketbac holder from Bath and Body Works for my hand sanitizer.  The hardware on this bag is gold so I wanted something gold or at least with traces of gold.

 I don't think the photo shows the gold color too well, but this gold was close enough for me!  It also features some glitter for that extra sparkle.  Hey, if you need to carry hand sanitizer on your bag, why not make it pretty, right?

Bath and Body Works has some adorable little PocketBac holders for your hand sanitizers.  

I even picked up the sweet anchor one shown above to go with my "summer" diaper bag that includes nautical themed accessories.

I then started rifling through my jewelry collection to find a little bling to put on my zipper pull.  I tend to not wear much jewelry these days when I'm with the kids.  Everything just gets pulled on and in the way so I thought it would be a fun idea to get more use out of my pieces by putting them on my bag!  I ended up finding a charm off of a gold bracelet that ironically matched my pocketbac holder perfectly!  It's round in shape, and with some diamonds in the middle.

Just a tiny bit of bling to jazz up the LBB.  Have a great day!


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