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Friday, February 19, 2016

Target Faves for Under $5

Aah Target, my favorite store on the planet.  I think I should buy stock in the company for the amount of money I contribute there on a weekly basis.  But some of my favorite items from the store are actually really cheap fact, they're all under $5!  I've gathered some of them to share today.  Happy shopping!

Clockwise starting from the top left:

Play Packs

Whoever thought up these Play Packs is genius!  I stock up on these from both Target and The Dollar Tree.  Each resealable pack contains a mini coloring book, 4 crayons, and a sheet of stickers.  They come in a variety of popular kid themes such as Disney Princess, Superheroes, Paw Patrol, and Mickey Mouse just to name a few.  I always have a few in our "restaurant distractions" bag for my older kids if we go out to eat, or anywhere else where they may need to be occupied.  For a dollar, they're totally worth it!

Hand Sanitizer Spray

While I use hand sanitizer gel for myself (in cute pocketbac holders lol), I recently switched to hand sanitizer spray for my kids.  Every time I'd squeeze some sanitizer gel into their hands, the gel always seemed to fall to the ground before they even had a chance to rub it in.  The spray is just SO much easier for them.  I keep this in an outside pocket of my diapar bag for easy access.

Pocket Calendar
I didn't have time to take individual pictures of everything, and I couldn't find a picture online.  But this calendar is the pink and gold item in the first photo above.  While I have a bigger, more detailed planner on my desk, I also love my compact one that I can just keep in my diaper bags so I'm aware of appointments and stuff while I'm out.  Yes, I'm one of those old schoolers that prefers to write things down instead of typing into the iPhone.  I like to see all our commitments for the month in one glance so paper versions just work better for my needs.


My daughter is always sticking her art on the refrigerator...but she takes down my notes in the process while stealing my magnets!  These magnets solve that problem, and I decided that this pretty 6 pack doubles as kitchen decor. ;)


Everyone always talks about the EOS lip balm balls, but these lotions seriously deserve some talk too!  I have really dry skin, so I'm constantly reaching for my lotion.  I've tried so many different brands but this one is definitely my favorite.  It makes my skin feel silky smooth, and the packaging is nice and slim, which fits perfectly in my bag's outside pocket.

Light Up Princess Wand
Ah, another thing I couldn't find a photo of online.  But these little rubber wands are so cute and fun!  When you tap them, they light up.  My 7 month old loves this toy, especially when in the car at night.  They were an awesome addition to her stocking this Christmas.

Huggies Clutch n Clean

I have always been a Pampers mama, both for diapers and wipes, but this Huggies wipes case has made its way in!  It comes in a variety of fun prints, and it's refillable.  I love the clickable cover to keep the wipes moist without having to worry about the usual sticker top that always gets unsticky, (leading to dry wipes).  Since the pouch is refillable, I just refill it with our go-to wipes, Pampers Sensitive.


I love this card holder, and espeically love the price!  I don't like to bulk up my wallet with the insane amount of cards I have, so I keep overflow cards in here such as insurance cards, rewards cards, membership cards, etc.  

Shopping on the cheap can be fun!  Have a great weekend!


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