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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mom Must-Haves: Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick

Four years ago when I was preparing for my first child, I researched a TON of diaper bags, organizational pouches, etc.  You see, I have a bit of an addiction to bags.  And a bit of an addiction to organization.  One of the most functional bags I bought back then was the Ju-Ju-Be "Be Quick" pouch, and in pink of course because I was having a girl.

My intended use for it at the time was a spare clothes pouch to keep in the diaper bag.  I'm the type of mom that needs to have small bags within a large bag to keep organized.  Everything just thrown into one large diaper bag would drive me bonkers!  

Since that first purchase, I have bought three more of the exact same bag in different patterns and have even bought some as gifts.  They're just so versatile!  The Be Quick is lightweight, has a detachable strap that turns the pouch into a wristlet or purse, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your style.  Also, Ju-Ju-Be bags are made with an antimicrobial fabric and are machine washable.  Dimensions for the Be Quick are 11.5" x 7" x 1.5".

Here are some of the many uses I've had for the Ju-Ju-Be "Be Quick":

Diaper Clutch
great for quick changes at a restaurant, in an airplane, at the park, etc. when you don't want to lug your entire diaper bag
- diapers
- wipes
- small folded changing pad
- plastic bags

Pool Bag Insert
for inside the pool bag, keep things dry and separate
- swim diapers
- plastic bags
- sunscreen (adult and kid)
- kid's sunglasses
- keys

Food Bag (Dry Items)
sometimes you just need a small bag of food for quick trips with the kids
- crackers
- squeezable fruit/veggie pouches
- applesauce cups
- fruit snacks
- pretzels
- dry cereal

Food Bag (Cold Items)
sometimes you just need a small bag of food for quick trips with the kids
- cold pack
- bags of fruit
- string cheese

Lotions & Potions Bag
cause babies need a lot of stuff, and I like to be prepared
- diaper cream
- hand sanitizer
- bandaids
- alcohol wipes
- pacifier wipes
- aquafor
- sunscreen
- baby lotion

Recently, Jujube came out with their Legacy Collection, which features bold black and white patterns that are a little more modern and a little less mommy.

I bought the striped one, called the First Lady, and use this strictly as a mommy pouch.

Mommy Pouch
Keep your personal items easily accessible within your diaper bag.  This eliminates the need for a separate purse.
- wallet
- phone
- keys
- compact
- lipgloss
- pens, pencil
- pocket calendar (for the old school hand writers, and yes I am one)
- comb & hairspray
- small notebook
- hand sanitizer
- measuring tape (go ahead and laugh, but if you buy a lot of home decor like me, this comes in handy!)

Now that my kids are past the baby stage, I actually hardly carry a diaper bag anymore.  I throw my mommy pouch Be Quick, and my diaper clutch Be Quick into my normal purse along with other essentials like sunglasses, water, etc.  And I'm out the door!  

Try the Ju-Ju-Be "Be Quick"!  It's a mommy must-have for its versatility and convenience.


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