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Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY Thanksgiving Decor Project

When it comes to decorating, Thanksgiving often seems to be the forgotten holiday.  It falls under the general fall/autumn umbrella, with most people focusing on Halloween.  Then once Halloween is over, Christmas comes out in full force in all our favorite stores.  Heck, Christmas appeared even before Halloween happened!

This year I think I did pretty well with September fall decorating in that I chose fall decorations that will carry me through November.  (with a few select Halloween pieces thrown in for fun of course!)  But once those Halloween decorations came down I felt the desire to replace at least one area of Halloween with something Thanksgiving specific.

This weekend I went into Michaels thinking that I could probably find some fall decor on sale to help create a Thanksgiving decor project.  But boy was I surprised when I walked in to see rows upon rows of just Christmas items!  It was a red and green explosion in there!  Hmmm...this was going to be a bit more difficult than I had imagined.

I had previously purchased 6 clear vases from the Dollar Store with the intention being to have them spell "THANKS" and then I'd work around that.  If you missed my post on Dollar Store Gems, be sure to check it out here!

So really, all I was looking for at Michaels was some kind of vase filler in fall colors, and letters for the vases to spell THANKS.  Since I couldn't find any fall decor amongst all the Christmas cheer, I actually ended up using Christmas decor that I thought could pass for fall.  I also found gold scrapbooking sticker letters to use on the vases.  I had previously used scrapbooking stickers for a Halloween DIY project and though they worked great so I was happy to go that route once again.  Here's what I bought to work with: mini pinecones and glitter mini balls, two decorative branches, and the scrapbooking letter stickers.

Just two quick steps were needed to pull this project together:

1.  Spell out THANKS using the stickers, one letter on each vase.

2. Fill the vases with the pinecones and the gold and green mini glitter balls.  


The scrapbooking letters actually turned out to be the perfect size for the vases.

Some of the mini pinecones were sprayed gold which actually coordinated well with my fall color scheme.  

A couple of my candlesticks and the decorative branches complete the minimalist look of this Thanksgiving decor project.

17 more days until TURKEY!


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