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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pearls Galore

Today's inspiration post features pearls, and the many creative ways we can use it.  Bags of pearls in various sizes can be found at your local craft store if you do decide on a pearl project.  And for you over anxious holiday DIY decor folk, I included a few Christmas decoration ideas using pearls just for you!

Pearls make beautiful vase filler.  It adds visual interest, and a vintage flair.  
Second photo source unknown.

These aren't actually gigantic pearls, but they sure look like it!   Grab some balloons with some sheen, in pastel colors for a pearl-like effect. 

These desserts with pearl-like accents are simply gorgeous, and too pretty to eat.

Sugar dipped cherries with sprinkles that resemble pearls are an elegant dessert.
Source unknown

This pearl necklace is a lovely accent to this casual fall outfit.  I also love this quilted navy vest with gold accents for the fall/winter season.

How about a pearl tiara art piece?  Perfect for the little princess in your life.


A wedding cake dripping with sugar "pearls". is divine.  So is a cake with sugar accents draped like a necklace.  Both are super pretty!

These pearl adorned LOVE letters would be fabulous decor for a wedding, baby or bridal shower, or even Valentine's Day.  

Find out how to make a pretty decor ball with a spare ball, and some strands of pearls.

And finally, the holiday decor.  

This pretty pearl wreath doesn't actually have to be used for Christmas.  It can also be a great decor piece for any vintage themed event.  

Pearls in a glass ornament is a simple project, and you can change out the ribbon to match whatever color scheme you are going with.

I absolutely love these darling mini Christmas trees and may actually need to try this!


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