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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DIY: Simply Blingy Pumpkins

All the fall decor inspiration on Pinterest got me excited for not only fall, but for Halloween!  And with my project goal of "creatively simple", these blinged out pumpkins were just right holiday DIY project for me.

These really couldn't be more easy. Here are the supplies.  Michaels has these white pumpkins on sale now so I grabbed a couple, plus some sticker bling from the scrapbooking section.  

Love the view from the top.

And the view from the front!  Love the juxtaposition of the girly bling with the creepy "EEK" for Halloween.  My daughter thought these pumpkins were so pretty that she declared them Cinderella's pumpkins, and proceeded to place her Cinderella characters on top of them!


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