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Saturday, September 20, 2014

DIY: Easy Relaxation Gift Basket

Here's a common birthday gift dilemma that we can all relate to...what to get the person that either has everything, doesn't need anything or just deserves something extra special?  While a gift card is always a practical and easy option, maybe this time you want to give something a little more personal, but have simply run out of ideas?  

Gift baskets are an easy DIY solution!  Depending on what you put in them, they can be fairly inexpensive too.  It's always fun to go with a theme for your baskets, and there are an infinite amount of possibilities.  Take time to choose a theme that your recipient will enjoy.

Here's a recent birthday gift basket I put together for a very busy bee, with the theme being relaxation and rejuvenation.    

Basket contains:
shower puff
fragranced soy candle
Starbucks Refreshers mixes
Ghiradelli chocolate
relaxing lavender aromatherapy face mask
revitalizing eye mask
Bath and Body Works shower gel and lotion

Tip: fill your basket with items of varying size for visual interest.  To make everything stay where you want them, stuff in between with crinkle paper.  Easy peasy!

Finally, I added in a couple of flower embellishments, tied it all together with a large cellophane bag, and viola, instant gift basket!

Sidenote: the basket, crinkle paper and cellophane bag (came in set of 2) were all scores from the Dollar Tree.  I'll be doing a post soon about the gems you can find at the Dollar Tree.  

Can't wait till the next time I need a gift basket!


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