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Friday, September 26, 2014

For the Love of Turquoise

This week I'm excited to share some lovely items that have recently caught my eye, and in my favorite color - turquoise!

I love the color turquoise.  It's a feminine color on its own, but can work for more neutral spaces as well, depending on the colors it is paired with.  Turquoise is an obvious choice for coastal/beachy themes, but it is when it's used in unexpected ways that it really shines.  Here are some fab finds that I'm currently obsessing over.

This candle holder is everything!  It's simple, yet super glam at the same time.  The tiny rhinestones around the rim give it that extra hint ofsparkle.  I can't imagine how beautiful it must look with a lit candle inside.

These heels border on aqua, but it's close enough to turquoise, so I still love them.  They are perfectly paired here with a romantic pink dress and accessories.  The bold color of the heels keep the outfit from being too girly, and instead make a fashion statement.

A turquoise front door is not something that you see often.  But it certainly deserves a second look!  When I see this door, it makes me want to know what the inside of the house looks like.  Because this door color is right up my alley!

This unexpected pants color is neutralized with a gray sweater and white oversized tote, which makes the turquoise still stand out as a little bit of a fashion risk, but in a subtle way.

Turquoise and coral is a fantastic color combination for the home.  It has an elegant and modern, yet whimsical look and feel to it.  When coral is in a darker tone (almost orange) it also give an energizing feel.  The pop of color on this entry table, definitely perks up an otherwise neutral (but still lovely) space.  

And having the color combo for a tablescape is so pretty I wouldn't want to mess it up by eating on it!

I can just imagine using some of these old turquoise books as decor on a coffee table, in an office space, or even as props in a photo shoot.  

And speaking of photo shoots, this old turquoise Chevy is just screaming for a vintage photo shoot!  I would want a car like this just so I can use it for photo shoots. ALL. THE. TIME.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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