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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

Here in San Diego, the start of fall has brought on unceremoniously hot weather.  But the nights at least bring some crisp cool air where you may need a light sweater for an evening stroll.  So while we're not exactly ready for full on fall fashion, there's no better time then to jump on Pinterest and get inspired with some summer to fall transitional fashion.

What's the easiest trick for transitioning from summer to fall, you ask?  Layering!  Here are my top 5 must-have layering items that can take your summer outfits seamlessly into fall. 

1. tall boots

2.  scarf

3.  light cardigan

4.  leggings/tights

5.  pullover sweater

And here are some fun ways to wear these items with your current summer wardrobe.  
All images found on Pinterest.

This sweet dress on its own is light and flowy and perfect for summer. But throw on a plaid shirt and worn boots, and your dress turns into such an effortless pretty fall transitional outfit.

When the weather gets cooler, get more use out of your summer shorts and just pair them with a pair of tights or leggings and a long sleeve top or sweater.  

A black scarf and black tall boots are staples for fall and can transition your summer dresses into the next season quite fashionably.

A pullover sweater and booties in neutral colors are definite must-have items to elegantly pair with your dress or skirt for fall weather.  Is it just me or does this look totally channel Carrie from SATC? ;)

A baggy pullover sweater or a soft cardigan can also be paired with shorts for a feminine look.  Keep them in neutral colors to best capture the fall feel.

A scarf and booties will "fall-up" a plain tshirt and jeans ensemble.

This look is fab as it incorporates 3 must-have items (scarf, leggings and boots) to stylishly transition this white summer dress into fall.  

Happy shopping!


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