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Friday, October 17, 2014

10 Ways to Love Chevron

Happy Friday everyone!  For today's post, I'm featuring some chevron print faves that I found this week and am absolutely loving.  Chevron can be tricky.  I'm not a huge fan of loud chevron, when the print is the main design element in a space.  Instead, I really love when the print is subtle and used as a complimentary pattern in an overall design scheme.  In most of these choices, you almost have to "look" for the chevron.  And that's the way I usually love it.  

Here are some of my favorites uses of chevron...

In Interior Design.  This textured chevron duvet is such a beautiful piece!  The chevron is understated and totally stylish in this neutral color.  The use of patterns in this room is divine and creates an inviting and feminine glam cottage look.

In An Outdoor Party.  This rustic and romantic outdoor party gets a punch of pizzazz with this light blue and white chevron runner.  The pattern is mostly hidden beneath various centerpieces, but for the overall look, the chevron provides a modern touch to the otherwise classic decor. 

As Part of a Home.  This chevron flooring is a beautiful and unexpected design element in this black, white and gray room.  This bar looks like a hip place to hang out.  

In Food Decoration.  This birthday cake is all sorts of pretty with the blush rosettes placed on a turquoise and white chevron decorated base.  Bonus: the cake stand is even situated against a chevron background!

In an Accessory Piece.  This tan chevron scarf is perfect for fall.  With the scarf being one color and the pattern incorporated within, this chevron piece is sophisticated and versatile.  

In a Girl's Bedroom.  I'm not sure if this patterned bedframe really qualifies as chevron, but the resemblance is close enough for me.  This is an unexpected use of the pattern and this statement piece makes the room design unique and fun.   

In Furniture.  This custom dining table incorporates a chevron pattern that gives the table character.  Just a few small greenery as centerpieces are all you need for this table to take center stage. 

In a Wedding Favor.  Have you ever seen a more elegant straw?  Chevron in gold and white turns a regular straw into the perfect accent to a gold champagne bottle favor.    

In Jewelry.  These chevron knuckle rings are perfectly dainty and feminine.  And on Etsy, under $10!  

In Fashion. (Sometimes)  I know I said I wasn't a huge fan of loud chevron, but once in a while it does work.  I love this sweater!  The reason this works is because there are only a few bold stripes with just one chevron "peak" down the middle.  Because of this, the chevron doesn't overwhelm as much as it would had there been more zig zags across the front.  

Hope you all have a fantastic October weekend!



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