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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pantry Inspiration

When I made the transition from office mama to stay at home mama, my time in the kitchen increased 1000%.  As I rummage through my pantry to find something to cook that my kids will eat, I daydream a lot.  About a large pantry.  A large, walk-in, everything in plain sight with a label on it pantry.  An OCD mom's dream.  

Here are some pantry inspirations so you and I can dream together.  And one day when we win the lottery, this dream will become a reality.  

Here are my favorite 5 tips to a more beautiful and organized pantry.

1. Spruce up your pantry walls.  Use stylish wallpaper in a print that you love...

...or just paint in a color you love.  (did I mention I love turquoise?)  These pull out baskets are convenient so yes I will take them too.  Thank you, Container Store.

2.  Use clear containers.  For food storage, I love these POP containers that are shown below, and use them for everything!  They are stackable, airtight, and BPA free.  It's nice to see everything at once so you can quickly see what you're running low on. 

Sidenote, this pretty pantry is a smart location for your cookbooks.  Having them organized and displayed by color make them visually appealing too!

3.  Label your containers. Here's a great tutorial on DIY chalkboard labels for your pantry containers.   

4.  Be a vertical space saver.  Even if you don't have a lot of space, you can still be organized.  In my pantry I have a 3 tier organizer like the one shown below, but I use it for spices.  I totally recommend getting one because it is such a room saver, and having your items tiered saves you from losing items in the back. 

5.  Take food out of boxes to save space.  This woman's blog takes you through her pantry remodel and she also recommends losing the boxes.  Check out her remodel here.

And just for fun, I'll end with a luxury pantry.  Why a chandelier in the pantry you ask?  I say a little bit of glam never hurt anyone!  Happy Wednesday!


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