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Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites - Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween everyone!  What else could I do for this Friday Favorites edition except Halloween related items, right?  My normal random faves just wouldn't do this fun holiday justice.  I've gathered just a few ideas that I came across this week.  Ideas to keep in the vault for next year.  ;)  Sorry to keep it short, but I know you're all anxious to get on with your Halloween day!

Favorite Carved Pumpkins.  As a mother of a daughter that LOVES Disney fairies, this Tinkerbell carved pumpkin complete with fairy dust is everything!  If only I had seen this earlier, I would have tried to do this for her.

And continuing with the spirit of Disney and Tinkerbell, here's my Favorite Family Costumes.  This Peter Pan family is awesome.  Isn't it so fun when the whole family gets involved?

Favorite Non Carved Pumpkins.  These donut pumpkins are just too adorable.  I don't usually eat frosted sprinkled cupcakes, but this craft project actually makes me crave some!

Favorite Decorations.  Aren't these gigantic spiders creepy?  They are such a great idea, and would definitely deserve a second look when walking or driving past.

Favorite Pumpkin Display.  Maybe you're going for an elegant look with your pumpkins?  If so, this pumpkin chandelier may be for you.  And imagine how pretty it will look once lit!

Favorite Kid Costume.  I came across this Carl from Up costume awhile ago, but ended up doing a post on sibling costumes so I didn't end up using it.  When I came across it again this week, I knew I had to incorporate it this time.  

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween celebration!


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