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Monday, October 20, 2014

Visit: Pumpkin Station Del Mar

Are you still looking to get some pumpkin patch time in this month?  If you're thinking of stopping by one of the pumpkin stations in San Diego, here's my quick recap of this weekend's visit to the Del Mar location.  

This pumpkin station was located right by the Del Mar Race Track, and with the rides, games (and high prices), it felt much more like a carnival than the pumpkin patch farm we recently visited in Rancho Bernardo.

Kiddie rides, mega slides, and more!  It actually wasn't too crowded for a Sunday afternoon.

A game zone for those with skill or just good luck.

Can I get a gourd, mom?

Overall, I'd say that I enjoyed our experience on the pumpkin farm more than the carnival atmosphere that we got here.  But I'm sure that will change as my kids get older and are able to take advantage of all the rides and games.  Rides were around $3.50 each if you were purchasing tickets on-site.  We didn't purchase the ticket package online, and missed the discount opportunities that popped up a few weeks ago so we mainly just walked around for a bit, took some pictures, and were on our way.  

But the kids did love sitting on the pumpkins and climbing on the hay.  Which, according to this sign was NOT okay.  

The hubby and I got a good chuckle out of that sign, which by the way was posted on all three sides of the post!  I'm sorry but most families come to the pumpkin patch with the intention of taking cute photos of their kids with the pumpkins, right?  That includes sitting on the pumpkins and sitting on the hay.  And if you stack the hay up high for your display, I assure you, kids will climb! 

And kids will run!  The sun streaming through the tent in the background made for awful picture lighting at this angle, but the joy on LD's face while running through the pumpkin rows made me love this picture anyway.

If a carnival type pumpkin patch is what you're looking for, there's still time to check this one out!  It runs until October 31st.  

Pumpkin Station Del Mar is located at 15555 Jimmy Durante Avenue, Del Mar, CA 92014.


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