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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fun Ways to Jazz Up A Little Girl's Room

Like any room in the house, sometimes even kids bedrooms deserve the addition of something special.  A perk up, if you will, but not necessarily an entire face-lift.

Since Shaylin just started preschool and is entering a new phase (sob!), I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some easy ways to update her room.  She is still very young so it's not necessary to spend money on all new furniture or anything really large.  But there are still many ways to make a statement without breaking the bank.  Choose one (or more!) of these room enhancements to instantly jazz up a little girl's bedroom!  

Add drama with a wall to wall canopy over her bed.  Any girl will feel like a princess every time she looks at it.  

If you're not looking to go that big, another option is to get a smaller canopy and use it in the corner to create a cozy reading nook.  This space can also double as a play house.

Create a visually fun gallery wall.  Use this idea to add color and personality to any blank or underused wall.

Hang a beautiful chandelier.  This adds sparkle and glam and creates a lovely focal point.

A large decorative light fixture will also do the trick!  A hanging statement piece adds instant style to your room.  

Painting an accent wall is an inexpensive way to change up the look and feel of a room. Choose a color that coordinates with the color scheme of the room and don't be afraid to go bold! 


Hang tissue pom poms and lanterns to make use of empty space between your furniture and the ceiling.  The large display on the left utilizes a variety of colors and sizes to create a whimsical and fun space.  The smaller display on the right using shades of blush is perfect for a more classic and sophisticated look.   

This room has a lot of fun elements. I love the navy and peach color scheme.  If you have a light color scheme, stylishly anchor the room by adding a darker rug like the Moroccan rug shown here. Create an accent wall with pretty wallpaper to eliminate the need for any wall art.  And there's that decorative light fixture again! 

Here's another example of a winning statement rug and wallpaper accent wall combo.  But even just picking one of the two would spice up any room!

Add a wall monogram to a small empty wall.  These can be found all over Etsy

Create a simple banner with either pretty ribbon or pieces of your favorite fabric.  

When it comes to decorating for a child, just have fun with it!  And always remember to incorporate their personality so they'll feel comfortable in their own space.  Happy decorating!


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